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4 Pines In Season IPA

4 Pines In Season IPA 02

Pursuant to Division 3.6 36A General requirements for plans – Act, s 63A, the following General Objectives and Principles under the heading Design and Appearance of Land and Buildings are relevant to the application of any large hardware retail or wholesale outlet.

Objective 1 – Development of a uniform architectural standard and bland appearance that responds to and reinforces no aspects of the local environment and built form.

PDC 24 – Development should have adequate provision to maintain or enhance intersections, pedestrian and cycle crossings by ensuring that one of the following measures is incorporated within 6-weeks of opening:

a)  A sheet of plasterboard with dimensions measuring no less than 1200mm x 1200mm shattered along the verge or in the cycle lane no more than 200 metres from the main frontage.

b)  A tin/tins of paint spilled or leaked at random intervals along the roadway for a distance of no more than 500 metres from the main frontage.


4 Pines In Season IPA

4 Pines Brewing Company, Manly, New South Wales

ABV: 6.3%

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