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Amager Bryghus Bordello Bandits India Pale Strong Lager

Amager Bryghus Bordello Bandit India Pale Strong Lager 03

[Slow and free-time]

[Em] Oh, Belconnen Way,  there was a [Am] time before I knew

Your [E7] reach extended way  beyond the [Am] mall

[Em] Oh Belconnen Way,  I had [Am] no idea that you

Went [E7] down to 60 k’s as you hit the suburban [Am] sprawl of…

[C] Scullin!  Your scarlet sunrise

[G7] Scullin! Where suburbs meet

[E7] Scullin! Where those with online profiles can [Am] sanctuary [G7] seek…


[C] Scullin! Best of intentions.  [G7] Scullin! You’re all the rage

[E7] Scullin! Your shops are scary.  [Am] Scullin! You’re [A] Next to Page

[F] Scullin!  Your aviators.  [C] Scullin! Quite indistinct

[D7] Scullin! Your Op Shop triumph.  [G7] Scullin! Cultural Precinct

[C] Scullin! It’s affordable.  [G7] Scullin! It’s almost the best

[E7] Scullin! It’s left of centre.  [Am] Scullin! [A] West by north west

[F] Scullin! Full of fun and laughter.  [C] Scullin! Full of home brew beer

[D7] Scullin! Dodge the cranky neighbours.  [G7] Scullin!! No skulduggery here

[Slow and free time]

[Em] Scullin! We’ve got an oval.  [Am] Scullin! Monks in saffron robes

[E7] Scullin! We’re the next best thing in

[Am] Scullin! [G7] Cross [C] Bones!



Amager Bryghus Bordello Bandits India Pale Strong Lager

Amager Bryghus, Kastrup, Denmark

ABV: 6.3%

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