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Bruny Island Beer Co. 99 Oysters


On the 7th day of that accursed month, we took our departure from those barren shores, to direct our course towards Van Diemen’s Land and the promise of water and game aplenty.  The crew was in spirits greater than any of us had known since we had begun this voyage ; during which spirits, it must be said, were fleeting and few.  Alas, we were scarcely under sail, when we were informed by the Quarter Master, that from that time we should have but half a pound of new bread once every ten days ; that instead of the allowance of wine, we should have three-sixteenths of a bottle of the bad rum, bought at a low price in Mauritius ; and that the biscuit and salt provisions should be our general food.  Thus, from the first day, we were abridged all at once of bread, wine, and fresh meat – a sad prelude, and chief cause of all the miseries we in the end experienced.


Bruny Island Beer Co. 99 Oysters

Bruny Island Beer Co., Bruny Island, Tasmania

ABV: 5.8%

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