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Sailor’s Grave Australian Gothic

Sailor_s Grave Brewing Australian Gothic Dry Hopped Apricot Farmhouse w Wormwood 03

There is nothing quite as cringe-inducing as a politician trying to be “cool” and “hip” and “down with the kids”.  More often than not, it ends up in a whole lot of awkwardness and embarrassment (and a nauseating dose of creepiness).  For me, the klaxons start blaring and a big neon sign begins flashing, “Out. Of. Touch.”  Like Tony Abbott’s wink to John FaineJust Tony Abbott full-stop.  Malcolm Turnbull making a hash of trying to name a single AC-DC songMalcolm Turnbull eating a pie.Bill Shorten eating a sausage or delivering a zinger.  Then again, I’m just that grumpy old man with half a mind to write a letter, going way over the top and getting up in arms about some banal non-issue.  Settle down, Tiger!


Sailor’s Grave Australian Gothic Dry Hopped Apricot Farmhouse w/ Wormwood

Sailor’s Grave Brewing, Orbost, Victoria

ABV: 5.4%



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